Trails in the Sky HD – The Facts

As you may have heard, Falcom is releasing a PS3 version of Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC. They recently posted an official press release (PDF) so I thought I would translate the main points.

First of all as you can tell from cover shot it’s a PSP remaster, similar to games like Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD. PSP remasters can share save data between the PSP and PS3 versions (as is specifically noted in the Trails in the Sky HD press release), but they generally lack features like trophies. But the game art and movies have been redone in HD and look quite good (check the press release for screenshots, it’s a PDF so I don’t have the images right now).

The press release also mentions extra content, but not of it is in the game itself. There’s some nice stuff, though, including a digital DRM-free version of the original sound track with 59 tracks, some illustrations, an original custom theme, and some kind of calender.

One thought on “Trails in the Sky HD – The Facts

  1. I wonder if XSEED is going to bring this out.
    Seems logical, but with so much stuff from them being digital, they’d probably do that with this.