Teto, Haku, Neru coming to Project Diva f as DLC

There was a variety of Project Diva f info being released at TGS. If you were disappointed by the lack of Haku and Neru in Project Diva f you’ll be happy to know that they have modules coming as DLC, along with the popular Utauloid Teto. They’re hoping to release them in the fall. Other bits include the fact that they’re adding Project Diva f cards to the collectable card game Weiß Schwarz. The cards will also function as AR markers. Finally there’s a collaboration with the “Mina to Issho” PS Vita app with 7 kinds of custom items.
Famitsu has the details.

Sangoku Rensenki ~Otome no Heihou~ coming to Vita

Yes, that’s what the Vita has been lacking: otome games. This is a port of a PS2/PSP game that tells the story of an ordinary girl who gets transported to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms setting and then…well, it’s an otome game, what do you think? The Vita version promises higher res CGs in 16:9 format and touch controls. Famitsu has more.

Little Busters Converted Edition coming to PS3 as well

Already released for the Vita and PSP, it’s now been announced that Little Busters Converted Edition is coming to the PS3. They claim this will be the best version of the game yet, with all the improvements of the Vita version plus native 720p resolution and possibly other improvements they haven’t actually revealed yet. Some screens and CGs after the break.
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SCEJ pre-TGS conference mega summary

New the PS3 has been officially announced. It looks…long? Looks like they brought back the shiny highlights from the original model. But it’s a lot smaller. 50% smaller than the original, 25% smaller than the slim. It’s just like the leaks said, Sony really can’t keep a secret. Comes in 250 and 500 GB models and is available in both black and white (at least in Japan). The white is only the 250 GB model for some reason. For Europe there will be a model with 12GB of flash memory instead of a hard drive. Why Europe only? Who knows. Oh, and it’s the 15th anniversary of Hot Shots Golf, so at least in Japan Hot Shots Golf 6 is being bundled with the new PS3 model.
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TGS Begins

Well, technically not quite yet but Sony is doing a pre-TGS conference that starts in just a few minutes. I will not be live-blogging it or anything like that, unfortunately, because I have other obligations these evening. But I will watch it and report on anything of interest after the fact. And of course as TGS itself kicks off there will probably be lot’s of news here.